Giving Thanks in the Hard Times

To say that 2020 has brought some challenges would be an understatement. With a pandemic outbreak that basically challenged individuals, businesses, and economies worldwide to a political landscape that has led to unrest and violent outbreaks, many will be glad to see the year come to an end.Americans are resilient and many have figured out how to weather the storm. As the year winds to a close we find ourselves in the holiday season where many begin to think of others rather than themselves and remember that there is much left to be thankful for. Thanksgiving arrives even in the pandemic and we will find ourselves again joining with our families to remember all the blessings we have been given.

Thanks for the Benefits of Owning a Small Business

There are many things that small business owners can be thankful for but at the top of the list is their entrepreneurial drive. The drive and the ambition that it takes to be successful are good reasons to be thankful. The spirit of the small business is one of the great aspects of small-town America. Being able to operate and run your own business is a freedom that many other countries envy. Small businesses make up our communities and we should all be grateful for this free enterprise.

Giving Thanks to Workers

The act of being thankful and expressing it to others can make a great impact and help create a positive environment. Telling others you appreciate them not only makes them more engaged and productive, but it also raises a sense of well-being for the person who is doing the “thanking.” There is a reason why companies stress culture as important for the growth of a company and that’s because workers who collaborate and promote each other result in a company environment that is positive, helpful, and more productive.Recognition is one of the most important aspects that drives the satisfaction of workers. Remembering to say thank you to workers at all levels is key to a successful organization.

Remember Those that Support Your Business

It goes without saying but a business is nothing without its customers. Most businesses are good at thanking their customers throughout the year. Thanksgiving offers a time to give a special thanks to those who have supported you and your business. Making sure that customers know you appreciate them will keep their support.

At MPG we would like to thank our customers for your support, and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


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