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Merchant Services in Charleston, SC

Media Payments Group

Are you an established or new local business owner in Charleston, SC looking for a credit card processing and point of sale partner? MPG serves small and midsize businesses throughout Charleston, SC as a trusted merchant service partner. 

Whether it’s credit card processing terminals, payment processing systems, or payment gateway integration, MPG has the tools you need to stay competitive today and far into the future. 

In 2019, the Charleston, SC region’s economy soared to the 16th best in the nation. Charleston’s diversified economy helps insulate it from national economic shocks. The region experiences an influx of 28 newcomers each day, and the median family income has increased by nearly 30% from 2012-2017. In addition, Charleston’s coastal location makes it a great tourist destination and a retiree haven.

Merchant Services Benefits for Your Charleston, SC Business

MPG’s merchant services provide small and midsize Charleston, SC businesses with the latest technology capable of collecting the insights needed to optimize business outcomes. Today’s most successful businesses in retail, restaurants, and eCommerce use payment data analysis  provided by their merchant service provider to discover revenue-generating  insights like:

  • Which customers are spending the most time and money with their brand
  • What time of day, month, or year yields the best sales
  • Which products and services are providing the biggest ROI

How to Choose the Best Merchant Services Provider in Charleston, SC

The best merchant services providers offer the latest payment processing solutions in easy to integrate packages. Mobile payments, virtual terminals, and touch-free or contactless payment solutions give your customers the flexibility they’ve come to expect while making purchases in person or online. 

Depending on the types of solutions you need, you should keep the following things in mind when choosing the best merchant services provider for your Charleston business.

  • Setup Fee
  • Equipment Fee
  • Monthly Fee/Service Fee
  • Transaction Fees
  • Credit Card Processor Fee 
  • Security
  • Support – Do you get 24/7 support?
  • Experience – How many years has your provider been operating?

Why Choose MPG Merchant Services for Your Charleston, SC Business?

Media Payments Group was formed to deliver fully integrated business software with multi-channel payment solutions. MPG’s customized software solutions optimize business operations of all sizes and make secure transactions easy for you and your customers. 

More than just a merchant account provider, MPG offers guidance on preventing and mitigating chargebacks and fraud. MPG is a full-service Merchant Services provider that provides you with all the tools you need to grow at your own pace. 

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