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Payments are a critical part of the customer experience process. The checkout process can make or break a merchant’s ability to convert sales. Data shows that 28% of U.S. shoppers have abandoned a purchase simply because the checkout process was too long or too complicated. Issues can be directly related to the types of payment methods your credit card payment processor is able to manage. 

MPG makes sure small and midsized Houston businesses provide the best checkout experience possible for customers so they never lose a sale due to poor credit card processing.

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Credit Card Processor Partnership Benefits for Your Houston Business

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  • Payment Acceptance - The most important benefit of working with an experienced credit card processor is knowing your customer’s payments will be accepted.
  • More Payment Options - Your customers want choices, especially when it comes to how they pay. 
  • Integrate Payments with Your Systems - Payments don’t take place in a vacuum. Leading credit card processors seamlessly integrate payments with other business workflows like accounting, billing, CRMs, and more. 
  • Flexibility to Grow - The best credit card processor partners help businesses stay ahead of rapid changes in the payment marketplace and scale their services to match your growth.
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How to Choose the Right Credit Card Processor Partner for Your Houston Business  

There are several key factors to consider when choosing the right credit card payment processing provider for your business. 

  • Transparency in Contract and Pricing Models - It’s important to partner with a credit card processor provider that allows you to make adjustments without paying unnecessary fees. Billing should be transparent and your partner should offer a flat-rate pricing system. 
  • Equipment Included in Partnership - Before beginning a new credit card processor partnership determine what POS equipment the provider offers. Make sure the equipment meets your business needs and empower better, more flexible payment processing. 
  • Support - Your credit card processor partner should be a true partner and offer on-demand 24/7 support. 
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Make MPG Your Houston Credit Card Processor Partner

Media Payments Group was formed to deliver fully integrated business software with multi-channel payment solutions. MPG’s customized software solutions optimize business operations of all sizes and make secure transactions easy for merchants and their customers.

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Powerful business management software
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100+ years of combined industry expertise
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Easy to understand flat-rate pricing
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True partnership
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No hidden fees
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On-demand 24/7 support
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