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Whether you’re in retail, own a restaurant, or run an eCommerce business in Knoxville, TN seamless payments are an important part of your customer’s experience. Surveys show that 28% of shoppers have abandoned a purchase because the checkout process took too long or wouldn’t accept a particular type of credit card. 

MPG Makes sure small and mid-sized Knoxville, TN businesses have the best checkout platform possible for their customers, so you never lose a sale due to poor credit card processing. 

Knoxville, Tennessee was ranked by Nerdwallet as one of the best places in the U.S. to start a small business because of business-friendly regulations and taxes. In comparison with other U.S. states, tax and regulatory burdens are low. Tennessee is also a right-to-work state, which means no one can be compelled to join a labor union once employed.

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Terminal Transaction Credit Сard Processor in Knoxville, Tennessee
Credit Card Processor Partnership Benefits for Your Knoxville, TN Business
  • Payment Acceptance - Never lose a sale because your credit card processor is limited to the types of credit cards it can accept. MPG ensures you can accept any and all types of credit cards.
  • More Payment Options - Your customers expect a diverse selection of payment options from contactless and touchless to credit cards and e-wallets. Give them what they expect. 
  • Integrate Payments with Your Systems - Business doesn’t stop after the sale is made, in fact, it’s just the beginning. All successful companies capture valuable data enabling them to make more informed business decisions. MPG makes sure you always have a clear picture of accounting, billing, and CRMs in one easy to view dashboard. 
  • Flexibility to Grow - As your business grows, so will your credit card processing needs. Your credit card processing partner should be able to grow with you at your pace and provide the latest processor innovations available. 
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How to Choose the Right Credit Card Processor Partner for Your Knoxville, TN Business

There are several key factors to consider when choosing the right credit card payment processing provider for your business.

  • Transparency in Contract and Pricing Models - Surprise fees should never be a part of a good business plan. Only work with professional providers that commit to a flat-rate pricing system. 
  • Equipment Included in Partnership - Good partners offer free equipment with their partnership package. They also supply you with the latest technological innovation in the industry and make upgrading easy. 
  • Superior Support - A professional and experienced credit card processor partner acts like they’re a part of your team and offers on-demand 24/7 support. 
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Payment Process Credit Сard Processor in Knoxville, Tennessee
Make MPG Your Knoxville, TN Credit Card Processor Partner

Media Payments Group was formed to deliver fully integrated business software with multi-channel payment solutions. MPG’s customized software solutions optimize business operations of all sizes and make secure transactions easy for merchants and their customers.

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Powerful business management software
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100+ years of combined industry expertise
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Easy to understand flat-rate pricing
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True partnership
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No hidden fees
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On-demand 24/7 support
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